The Rev. Bill McGill, in collaboration with Heartland Sings and the Embassy Theatre, will provide a FREE live-stream event to remember and honor the spirited conviction of the “I Have A Dream” speech by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is hoped that thousands will “seize the opportunity to use this live-stream as a means of earnest reflection and honest, redirection. We must cease the all too familiar practice of only celebrating the dream, and begin replicating the dream, if we hope for lasting equality to come rolling down our nation’s stream.”

For Heartland Sings, the event is a natural extension of their historic musical 'We Are The Dream’ curriculum used in regional school districts. It is a journey of King’s impact on American history, acknowledging there still remains too many vestiges of discrimination and bigotry in this land.

Known nationally for his ability to channel the voice of Rev. Dr. King, Rev. McGill will close the event by reciting the entire “I Have A Dream” speech, which brought tears to the eyes of Martin Luther King, III last year. He remarked “Obviously, I have traveled all over the country, and had never head someone capture the tone and tenor of my Dad in such an authentic manner.”

In addition to Heartland Sings, special gospel musical guests include Brother GorDon Martin & Minister Floyd Bledsoe. Kelly Updike, President and CEO of the Embassy Theatre says “we have an ongoing commitment to inclusive and diverse programming and have always looked forward to hosting one of the local Dr. King commemorations.”

Funding for this community event has been generously provided by Chuck and Lisa Surack of Sweetwater, and Old National Bank.

Contact Rev. McGill at 260-755-0194 or click here to email him for more information.

Click here to view the live-stream event.